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Luca and Tasha, Starry Night by Jestloo Luca and Tasha, Starry Night by Jestloo
I just finished my latest work. It's Luca with his wife Tasha on the banks of Ixx & Zango's lake. I love this picture.

Since Luca is the Great Motaukeh (mah-tay-oo-kay), Tasha often feels like she is unworthy of him. But, Luca absolutely adores her. Unfortunately, Luca possesses eternal life and youth. This caused great anxiety for both of them, but especially for Luca. Shortly after returning to Kotia, Luca pleaded before the gods to grant Tasha eternal life and youth. After much debate, Ixx & Zango did bestow Tasha with what Luca wished for. But, they reminded him that she was still a mortal and could die from external forces. Luca was so overjoyed by the news, that he collapsed in tears right before them.

Luca & Tasha (c) :iconjestloo:
Drawn & colored with
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Steve-C2 Featured By Owner Sep 27, 2012
Here's another picture that got my attention.

I like the nighttime background. During the night is when you can see things that you normally wouldn't during the day. You've portrayed a clear night with a full moon and lots of stars. One minor technical detail is that no stars would be visible immediately behind a bright full moon and in it's surrounding glow, but it remains a minor detail that doesn't take away from the picture in any respect. The major point I noticed is positive: a clear night in a pristine sky in a natural environment not near any cities (are there any cities on Kotia?) This sets the tone and mood for the picture in a wonderful way.

The body of water portrayed must be massive to have no shorelines in place; seems fitting for a lake named after/belonging to a god. The coloring of the lake and the rippling effect create a serene scene, again, fitting

Luca and Tasha seem to be communicating with their eyes, and saying so much. There is a vibrant passion between the two that is wholesome, and refreshing to see. Presented as they are, they are content to just be with each other. There is a tenderness about how they are holding hands, that shows off the trust that the two have for each other.

I like how you can pretty much tell a lot about the relationship between the two characters just by how you present them in their pictures. Without the story you presented below, I would have seen Luca and figured, "well, here's a guy who will do anything he can for this girl."

The lighting that I see used has me thinking a couple of things.
First, I like how the light relfects off Tasha's hand. Once again, it brings focus on not only how they are looking at each other, but also how they are just touching each other.
Secondly, I noticed a lot of effort put into details, the light reflecting off of objects I would expect to be shiny, how the light comes around the faces of the characters. Well done.

All in all, the background, lighting, scenery, work together to create a mood, scene, and setting for the couple to show their feeling for each other; A romantic background for a loving couple.

Again, well done.

Jestloo Featured By Owner Sep 27, 2012  Student General Artist
I wish I knew how to post those pictures for emotions, cause right now I want to use the Asian spouting water from his eyes! T^T

I've already said this, but your comments are so wonderful!! You hit what I'm trying to do right on the head! It's so fun and exciting to read these!! I'm also very happy and thankful for the critiquing! It really helps me learn and become better! :D

To tell you the truth, this the only picture I did completely with my finger on my iPad. There is no pencil sketch for this, unlike all the others. :)

To answer your question: Kotia is in a "middle age" era. There is no electricity, or guns, and what not. The most technologically advanced tribes have castles, extensive trade routes, large market places, and a relatively high educational system. Most tribes of Kotia live in relatively small societies, living off the land, with little to no contact with other tribes (unless fighting), and families solely educating there children (primarily in that families trade, but can be apprenticed to others within the tribe).

Well, that's a gist of it. Because the tribes consist of different races, there is actually vast differences to how each tribe runs itself. Unfortunately, it would take me pages and pages to write them all out! (And some I must still work on)

Hope this isn't too much! Thanks for asking! It was my favored part of this whole comment! (Well, maybe. I really engoyed all of it) :D
Steve-C2 Featured By Owner Sep 28, 2012
I just want to add that I cannot imagine drawing with your finger. I wouldn't have guessed if you hadn't mentioned it.

The info certainly wasn't too much! It paints a good background picture. Thanks!
Jestloo Featured By Owner Sep 28, 2012  Student General Artist
No Prob! :D
(Frankly, I could go on and on about my Luca Stories)

Yeah, it was tough! I don't do it often, cause I can't put small details that way. (That, and I'm waaaay better with a pencil) :D
Steve-C2 Featured By Owner Sep 28, 2012
Have you written down any of your Luca stories? The backgrounds to your characters seem interesting enough.

I know for me I had a few stories/scenes going on in my own head and I finally put one of them down and loaded it up on DA a few months later. Since then I've written another scene, and am currently working on a third scene using the same characters as the "Enjoying a Pint" story I uploaded.
Jestloo Featured By Owner Sep 29, 2012  Student General Artist
Very few.... It's all in my head still. Me and my brothers role-played them for about 5 years. (I was Luca) not even half of our characters are up here on DA.

The last time I tried to "summarize" it to someone, it took me 6 HOURS!! ^^" (course, it's so hard for me to summarize anything...)

Cool! I'll have to take a look sometime.
Luraino Featured By Owner Jun 28, 2012
Love the Water in this... and the lighting... and the sky... and the...
Jestloo Featured By Owner Jun 28, 2012  Student General Artist
Thanks Gabe.
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