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Hi! My name is Alyssa. I'm a self-taught artist, and I've been drawing seriously since about 7th grade.

I have a wild imagination, and a love of story telling. I love drawing, and do it anytime I can. When I'm not drawing, I am having stories with my made up characters running through my head. I don't write down these stories as often as I should, cause I find it boring and difficult, and I'm a perfectionist. But for now I will draw about them. My dream is to one day write about and share my world and it's stories to everyone.

Please comment on my pics! I'd love advice, as well as just a good job! :D

My Twitter:
I use it to post extra content. Such as coloring WIPs and such...

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Trivia Answer: Luca's abilities

Journal Entry: Mon Aug 24, 2015, 1:24 PM
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Which is NOT on of Luca's abilities?

The Answer is:
Bringing people back to life.

Souls are the domain of the gods. Luca has no authority over them.

Luca's abilities:

Adaptability Factor: When Ixx created Luca, he built into his body the ability to adapt and improve. This gives Luca no "true" limit (or limitless potential), since his powers steadily get better over time and use. The more Luca uses his powers, the more energy efficient they get, as well, the more affective they become. Due to the nature of this ability, the gods occasionally put Luca's powers to the test, forcing him to go beyond his limit to cause him to improve.

Energy (general): Luca's body creates and houses massive amounts of life energy, far beyond what is needed to keep him alive. The excessive amount of energy is what powers all of Luca's abilities. It is highly concentrated within his body. When he uses his powers, the energy is released in an unconcentrated state. There is an orb in the center of Luca's brain that contains his spirit and controls the energy in his body. If the orb is removed, all of the energy in him would release in a single, prolonged blast, with a radius big enough to engulf half of the earth's moon. (And he'd die) Luca recharges his life energy primarily through sleep. Other ways he can regain some energy is through the gods, eating special fruit made for him, or draining life energy directly from other living things. Also, the life energy causes his eyes to glow. They get brighter when he is using his powers.

As a partial spirit being, Luca can also see/sense the life force and souls of other people. If he focuses on it, he can even pick up the general mood of the person.

Mind Reading: Luca doesn't use it often because he respects the privacy of people's most inward being. However, he always uses it before convicting someone of murder, that way he can be sure, without a doubt, that he is putting to death the correct person. (He has never convicted an innocent person.)

Him and Tasha have also come up with a neat communication system using this ability. It was Tasha's idea, since Luca had sworen never to read her mind.  It used to be one way. Tasha would indicate that she wanted to speak privately to him. He would then read her immediate thoughts and go from there.  Later, Luca improve his ability and learned to implant thoughts in others, allowing the two to converse with each other completely.  Normally, Luca must retain eye contact in order for his mind reading to work. However, he and Tasha have become in Sync enough where they just need to look at each other once to establish a connection.  Luca's eyes do give it away, though, as they always grow brighter when he is using his powers. (Later, he brings this tactic to his Ranger team, Mike and Tike. It's safed their hides many times.) Luca can also "search" people's minds for information. However, this is extremely dangerous to the individual, so Luca avoids doing this.

Rapid Regeneration: The energy cells in Luca's body quickly repair any physical damage that Luca receives. This includes typically "mortal" wounds. Luca can't truly die unless he losses all his energy, or has the orb in his head removed. Luca's life force and spirit are trapped within the orb in his brain. Even if he were to "die," Luca would just regenerate and reawaken. The time it takes for him to heal depends on the damage and how much energy he has. If he's low on energy, his regeneration will be slower and target only major wounds.

Telekinetics (energy based): Luca can move things around with his mind/energy. Typically, he uses his hands as a guide, though it shouldn't be necessary. He can crush objects or suspend them in mid air. Larger objects or objects moving with a lot of force can be more difficult for him, as they require more energy to manipulate. Towards the end of the Ranger saga, Luca learns how to slightly manipulate molecules by causing them to vibrate faster, slower, or push them apart. This allows him to heat, cool, or "dissolve" anything he touches. It is slow, only affects a small area, and takes a lot of focus, so Luca doesn't usually use it. 

Energy Barrier: Luca can create a wall of energy around himself, or expand it to others. He must be the center though. He can not put a barrier around someone else outside of himself. Using the shield is extremely exhausting, both mentally and physically. So he usually only uses it in short durations, and only when he has too. The object he is blocking greatly affects the energy cost of the shield. If it is massive enough, or carries enough force, Luca will receive an internal concussion and lose consciousness. 

Healing Others: Luca can use his own life force to heal others. He can not bring people back to life. (He can heal their dead bodies, but the soul will still be with the gods.) Luca can only heal one person at a time. So long as the person is still alive (the soul has yet to be taken), Luca can attempt to heal them. The more damaged a person's body is, the more energy Luca must spend.

Draining Life Force from Living Things: When Luca is low on energy, he can drain the life force of other living things. This is usually a last resort ability and he will typically only use it on plants. However, in times like war, if Luca is using up a lot of his energy, he will start draining the life force of the enemy troops as he fights. This ability is also activated during Luca's Deadliest Survival Instinct.

Teleportation: Luca can teleport to wherever he's previously been, or wherever his "death sense" tells him. He can also use a little of his imagination and guess work to try to teleport into a space across a wall to a room he's never been to (it's still risky). Teleporting costs very little energy and he can bring others with him. He can even touch others and teleport them, while he remains.

Super Strength: It is what it is. Although, Luca's limit is undefined, as he always gets stronger the more he pushes himself. He can succumb to exhaustion, though.

Computer Brain: Luca does have super intelligence. His thoughts run almost 10x faster than the average person. This gives him extremely fast reaction times, which helps him when facing spirit beings like Karab or the gods, who can ignore all natural laws, like wind resistance. He also has 4 separate compartments for thoughts. This allows him to have total focus of 4 different subjects at the same time. There is one main one (like ours), two secondary, and one in the back. When relaxed, the main compartment of thought is almost exclusively used while the others are background thoughts. The back compartment is typically reserved for body checks and scans.

Luca also has a perfect, photographic memory. When he meets a person, he automatically scans them and stores that person's appearance into his memory. Once he learns that person's name, he tags it to their "file," as well as their voice and other characteristics. He adds to the person's "file" any new information he learns about them. This is also why he can't play with a Rubik's cube by himself. He could just back step what he did to mess it up.

(Just before Luca and his family were about to return to Kotia, they had to figure out what they could take with them. Tasha wanted to bring all of her cook books and favorite stories, but they were all digital and would be useless on Kotia. And with physical copies being too much to take with them, Tasha thought she was gonna have to leave them all behind. That is, until she remembered her husband's perfect memory. So, Luca spent several days reading every book that she asked him to. When ever she needed a recipe, she would just ask him. And at night, he'd recite her favorite stories word for word.)

Indestructible skeleton and digits: All Kotians possess special glands in their limbs that create a "living," liquid metal. This metal bonds with any surface it comes in contact with. The glans secrete the metal into the fingers, toes, and skin around those areas, making them indestructible and immune to laceration. The amount of skin that is fused with this substance differs between each individual, generally signified by darker fur on the part of the body that it covers. The black fur covering Luca's arms and legs indicate where the metal has reached for him. Unlike normal Kotians, Luca's bones are also fused with this metal, but are not continually supplied by the glans, making them ridged instead of flexible. (Both of his children inherited this trait as well.) This indestructible skeleton allows Luca to withstand and survive destructive, crushing blows from the gods, among other things.

Cat-like Senses: As it says. All Kotians have cat-like senses, having incredible sight, smell and hearing. However, Kotians can not rotate their ears to the direction of sound. They do have better vision in the dark than humans, though.

Sixth "Danger/Death/Gods" Sense: On Kotia, Luca has a sixth sense for immediate danger, unnatural deaths (murders), and when the gods appear, fighting on the face of the planet.

The immediate danger sense was also available to Luca when he was away from Kotia. It notifies him of danger seconds before it occurs. This sense is actually based on several factors that are performed in the background of Luca's mind (usually by the other compartments of thought). Even if he is not actively thinking about it, Luca is always checking his surroundings. Using his ability to sense the presence of others, via their souls/life force, Luca can have a general sense of their location. The danger sense kicks in when he feels intense animosity from someone's soul directed at him. When it is triggered, all of the information that he collected in the background are brought to his immediate attention for him to make a split second course of action. The murderous intent of someone's soul who is trying to kill him, will wake him up from his coma-like sleep.

The "death" sense is a feature only available to Luca on Kotia. (Although a weaker version exists where Luca can only sense people he knows and cares about.) As it is named, this sense tells Luca when and where a muder has taken place. This sense is linked to Luca's ability to see and sense people's souls. When someone is killed, their soul gives out a cry of anguish and injustice. Luca was built to be sensitive to this cry and respond to it. As Luca's powers improve, he later becomes able to sense the "fear of death" that a person's souls emits before they get murderd, allowing him to not only punish the killers, but save the victims as well. (At that stage, he will also be able to stop rape and some assaults as well.) When a death or "soon to be killed" cry occurs, Luca feels a small jab in his chest and a general sense of where the soul is. During war, he will receive the signal for each death, with the jabbing pain increasing the longer it takes him to act. (When he is in the area he is supposed to be, the pain will subside.) This sense always will wake him up.

The "gods" sense activates when the gods begin to fight. Like the death sense, it is a jabbing sensation in his chest and a general sense of where they are, as well as increased pain if he tries to ignore it. However, if he doesn't respond, the jabbing will gradually intensify to the point where he will be left writhing in painful agony and continually dying. This is a built in feature to ensure that he does the primary task that he was created to do. (Unlike Karab) Luca is also the only fleshly being who can see the gods without them having to reveal themselves, and he can understand what Zango says. This sense will also always wake Luca up.

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Buttons of Interest

LST: Being a pure spirit being, how can Jestloo use the Mirror Rod? 

2 deviants said Alabac's soul is still in the Mirror Rod and is the key for Jestloo to use its magic.
2 deviants said The Mirror Rod has a mind of its own and let's who it chooses to use it.
1 deviant said Ixx made him to be able too, when he changed Spritloo to Jestloo.
1 deviant said Jestloo is simply an exception, because the writer says so.


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