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Progress Bar 01 by Pikishi <--Not started.
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Chao Comic remake pg 1 --> Progress Bar 03 by Pikishi

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Negro MK II --> Progress Bar 04 by Pikishi

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King Luca backside sketch - 1/28/15 by Jestloo
King Luca backside sketch - 1/28/15
I've been in a King Luca mood as of late. I also wanted to practice drawing him from the back. If you guys haven't noticed, I seem to alter his outfit every time I draw him. I haven't come up with an official outfit design yet, so I've been experimenting. With this latest look, I harkened back to an old concept I had of him as the Motaukeh. (it is from 2010, so it's not on DA.) You see, I always intended on giving Luca and co. clothing of some sort, but I've always sucked at clothes both design and drawing skill wise. Now, Luca is an adamant clothing hater. He does not like shirts and especially pants. They irritate his skin by rubbing his fur and he also finds them hot to wear. So, if he is wearing anything, it'll be accesories and a kilt.

As you can see, he's wearing his crown there on his head. It's thin and made of gold. It also holds 5 gems in the front. (stones have yet to be determined) He's wearing a gold, plated necklace of some sort that is wider towards the front and covers part of his upper chest. His kilt is white with a gold banded waist. It stops at about his knees (probably slightly higher) and has a hole in the back to make room for his tail feathers. It may also have a piece of colored fabric and/or gems on the front. Now, his gold arm bands are one of his designs that I've tried having a long time ago. You guys can see the last bit of it in one of the earliest pictures in my gallery. (Luca & Tasha at Ixx and Zango's lake.) At first he had them on both arms, and then later it was used as a sign of being married and was only on the left arm. Eventually, I nicked the whole thing because I was doing an ugly job at drawing them on.  I'm glad to try and bring my original concept back. Now then, Luca has a gold arm band on each arm. Both are engraved with an image of Zango, one of the gods of Kotia. (He'll have an Ixx design somewhere on his necklace.) Since he was created by them, Luca likes to honor his gods in his jewelry. 

I'm really proud of how his back anatomy came out. That was the main focus of this sketch. I don't draw people from the back, and when I do, they always come out awkward. Also, you guys get a nice look at his tail feathers, heheh.  Anyway, hope you guys like it! I want to draw more King Luca later and figure out his standard wardrobe. :)

Luca, Kotia, Ixx, and Zango belong to me. :iconjestloo: Jestloo 
Chibi Jestloo Says Hi sketch - 1/25/15 by Jestloo
Chibi Jestloo Says Hi sketch - 1/25/15
As if he couldn't get any cuter than he already was. I love you Jestloo~ :heart: (Being a chibi seems to have made him look like a child! Too bad a child Jestloo is impossible.) Also, the light marks on his eyes make him look like he's looking up, but if you look hard, he is looking straight at the viewer.

For newer watchers, this is the character I named myself after, if you couldn't tell. :) Jestloo is probably my favorite cat character. And I've made A LOT of cat characters. XD I'm actually making this picture into a header for a journal skin. So, he will get colored. (Geez, I never draw him with his jester hat anymore...)

Jestloo is Mr. Sunshine. He is perpetually happy and always thinks in an optimistic light. He is extremely polite and has exceptionally good manners. In fact, he is even polite to his enemies and never uses any derogatory language, even as he fights. With the exception of "T'is" and "T'would," Jestloo also has a habit of not using contractions. He also tends to use archaic words such as "good morrow" instead of "good morning." Jestloo is extremely loyal to Luca and Tasha Lenovie and does whatever he can to help them. From defending Kotia with Luca, to holding groceries for Tasha, he enjoys nothing more than to please them. Since he has recently acquired a job at a port on the other side of the planet, Jestloo has now obtained material wealth. However, having no home, Jestloo was at a loss for where to put his money amongst other things. So, the Lenovies have given him a room to use as a storage area for his new things. Jestloo owns a chest that he slowly adds his earnings to. His job does not interfere with being Guardian of the Mirror Rod, because it is on the other side of the planet. That means that, while the Lenovies are asleep, he works while it is daylight on the other side. Being a Spirit being, Jestloo can not sleep. So, the job has given him something to do at night now. Since he is a spirit, many natural laws have no affect on him. This allows Jestloo to run (or really, skate) at blinding speeds, giving him the ability to reach the other side of the planet with little effort. (Yes, he can ignore gravity and skate, or even stand, on water.) 

Jestloo will help anyone who asks of him, and he will go to great lengths to accomplish said tasks. Generally, though, it is always small things, such as finding a lost trinket. He is also prone to giving away his money (he has no real need for it), and has had to be counseled by Luca many times, due to people taking advantage of his generosity.  Since he is a spirit being, Jestloo can not read, nor can he learn to. So, he often relies on the Lenovies (a lot of the time Todd, or Lucas) to read for him. In fact, Tasha has occasionally read fairy tales to him, which he thoroughly enjoys. The Lenovies see Jestloo as a part of their family and love him dearly. He also loves tea, even though he can't fully enjoy it.

I'm a Guardian, You Know. by Jestloo Jestloo Bio by JestlooJestloo - profile 3 by Jestloo  Spritloo by Jestloo 

Jestloo belongs to me. :iconjestloo: Jestloo 
Yami (Pharaoh Atem) by Jestloo
Yami (Pharaoh Atem)
Yuugiou Stamp II by Worldincoffee Yami Yugi Stamp by SamuraiButterfly8725 

Yay! Yami is colored! :dummy: I love Yami, he's so awesome. I love his design, especially his eyes. (and who could forget that hair! :lol:) I think I'm gonna put him on a shirt. (since he's cell shaded, printing and cost won't be a nightmare.) He was so much fun to draw! It was actually harder to do him compared to Yugi. I'm guessing it's because of how more detailed he is. Besides his noble character traits, I also like him for his awesome voice. Lol. Seriously, though. Rarely do I watch a show and find myself enjoying how a character sounds. Or, rarely does a deep manly voice show up in cartoons. I don't know. :shrug: I also like Yugi's voice a lot and find it cute and perfect for the type of gentle character he is. What's probably the coolest is that both are voiced by the same guy! (Knowing that sorta added to the show for me, seeing as both character's share one body too. Just makes the voice change seem more believable as something that could actually happen.)

More Yu-Gi-Oh! art:
Yugi Muto sketch - 1/11/15 by Jestloo Yugi Muto by Jestloo Yami Yugi (Pharaoh Atem) sketch - 1/19/15 by Jestloo 

Yami Yugi (Pharaoh Atem) belongs to 4Kids and originally to Takahashi Kazuki.
Art by me. :iconjestloo: Jestloo 
Colored with Procreate app.


Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
+ Ladies Stamp + by RebiValeska Which do You Love More? by ExaltGod Generator Rex Borda Tech by zDrk

Hi! My name is Alyssa. I'm a self-taught artist, and I've been drawing seriously since about 7th grade.

I have a wild imagination, and a love of story telling. I love drawing, and do it anytime I can. When I'm not drawing, I am having stories with my made up characters running through my head. I don't write down these stories as often as I should, cause I find it boring and difficult, and I'm a perfectionist. But for now I will draw about them. My dream is to one day write about and share my world and it's stories to everyone.

Please comment on my pics! I'd love advice, as well as just a good job! :D

My Twitter:
I use it to post extra content. Such as coloring WIPs and such...

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Time Well Wasted

Journal Entry: Tue Nov 11, 2014, 2:59 PM
  • Mood: Alienated
  • Reading: Steve-C2's short stories
  • Watching: Star Trek: Next Generation

Just spent almost 2 hours on YouTube watching cat compilations. No regrets! Well... except that I could have used that time for drawing... Or reading Steve-C2's works...

Anyway, I saw that Stitch has been added as a playable character for Disney's Infinity game. Now, for those who don't know, Stitch is pretty much the epitome of what I love most in a creature-like character. No joke, I used to pretend to be him throughout my middle school and part of my high school years. (Only stopped after creating Luca) I mean, come on! Super strength, cute, fluffy, claws, big ears, big teeth, BLUE, four arms, back spikes, antennae, pupil-less, destructive habits, and animal-like instincts. Heck, his wicked cackle of a laugh is just icing on the cake! I LOVE STITCH! And he's an experiment! Got some mad, evil scientist work going on there. (I used to try and draw him, but I couldn't figure him out at the time. Now? Well, you know how much I do fan art verse Luca Story OCs...)

Anyway, it caused me to look into the game. Now, for the longest time, I didn't know what to think of Disney Infinity, because I didn't understand how it worked. So, I looked up some let's plays. It's like a mix of Spore and Minecraft, except you can use your favorite characters and some come with playable levels/missions. The "Toy Box" mode looks like a lot of fun, IF you have a friend or two. Unfortunately, I don't have real life friends. (Don't cry, I'm generally quite content. Reason is that, my family moves so often, I never try anymore.) So, I'm not willing to buy the game, because I know it would be far more enjoyable with someone else. (I may buy the Stitch figure, though... ">_>)

I doubt it, but does anyone else own a Wii U? 

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Buttons of Interest

I just realized that Christmas season is always busy and often difficult for people to find time to do extra things. So, I'm giving the option of canceling the Thanksgiving contest to make more time for the Christmas one. 

3 deviants said Yes, cancel the Thanksgiving contest so I can have more time to prepare for the Christmas contest.
2 deviants said No, I can find time to do both contests in there respective months.


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If you'd like to donate to me, that would be nice of you. I'd most likely use it to host contests. :)

Thank you in advance. :iconthankyoutailsplz:

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