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Hi! My name is Alyssa. I'm a self-taught artist, and I've been drawing seriously since about 7th grade.

I have a wild imagination, and a love of story telling. I love drawing, and do it anytime I can. When I'm not drawing, I am having stories with my made up characters running through my head. I don't write down these stories as often as I should, cause I find it boring and difficult, and I'm a perfectionist. But for now I will draw about them. My dream is to one day write about and share my world and it's stories to everyone.

Please comment on my pics! I'd love advice, as well as just a good job! :D

My Twitter:
I use it to post extra content. Such as coloring WIPs and such...

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OC Questionnaire

Journal Entry: Thu Jun 11, 2015, 12:17 PM

Tagged by: I can't remember. Myself, perhaps?


1. Choose some of your OC'S

2. Make your OC'S answer these questions

3. Tag other people 

4. Add one question of your own (No promises)


Luca Lenovie (is married *Tasha*)

Tasha Lenovie (is married *Luca*) (Chibi image)I Love You, Dear by Jestloo

Jestloo (friendly, naive, spirit being)
Jestloo Bio by Jestloo

Lucas Quintavious (Adopted/created son of Cyrus. Has a crush on Tawny)Lucas Concentrating sketch - 11/12/13 by Jestloo

Tawny Lenovie (daredevil daughter of Luca & Tasha)Tawny with Luca Faces sketches - 10/10/13 by Jestloo

Todd Lenovie (Eldest sibling. Very shy)
Image by Jestloo

Cyrus Quintavious (genius scientist that obsesses over Luca's abilities.)
Image by Jestloo

Karab Amabo (Luca's arch nemesis.)
Karab vs. Luca an Eternal Struggle by Jestloo


A- How old are you?

Luca: 540 (The farthest he gets so far is in the story is 2,546 in the future of Kotia.)

Tasha: 37 (2,043 in the far future with Luca.)

Jestloo: I am terribly sorry. I failed to keep track. :(

Lucas Quintavious: 19 

Tawny: 17 

Todd: 20

Cyrus: 49

Karab: I am a god! I have been and always will be! (Luca: "YOU'RE NO GOD!! YOU WERE CREATED SAME AS I!")

B- Do you want a hug?

Luca: Uh... I guess?

Tasha: Um... No thank you.

Jestloo: Not before the question, but I am willing.

Lucas Quintavious: suuuure...

Tawny: Not really.

Todd: ...F-from you?

Cyrus: No.

Karab: Touch me with your vile flesh, and I will burn it.

C- Have any bad habits?

Luca: Hmm... I break things by accident. (Tasha: "And you refuse to wear cloths, and you are too straightforward with people, and you-") Alright! I got problems...

Tasha: I'd rather not say...

Jestloo: I stare at people. I also sometimes forget that certian things I can do unnerves them, such as walking through physical objects.

Lucas Quintavious: Well... I tend to seclude myself in my work space.

Tawny: I guess, I've been told that I'm too reckless and don't think things through. But where is the fun in playing it safe? And if I think first, I risk losing my resolve. And that is dangerous.

Todd: I... Prefer not to, um, talk to strangers...

Cyrus: To others, I get too involved in my work. However, I believe you can't get too involved in you're passions.

Karab: I am perfection. (Luca: Pfft!)

D- You a virgin?

Luca: Not since I married. *chuckles*

Tasha: No, I'm married.

Jestloo: No, I am still a Pucknix. (Luca: "Yes, he is. He's totally a virgin.")

Lucas Quintavious: *blushes* Yes.

Tawny: Yeah. Got a problem with that?

Todd: *nods*

Cyrus: I never had time for relationships. (He's not. He married Lorrelie, but after she died, he dived into his work.)

Karab: ... What, in the name of the gods, is that?

E- Have any kids?

Luca: Yep! Todd and Tawny.

Tasha: Yes. Two older kids.

Jestloo: No, I do not own any children... How does one get a child? (Luca & Tasha: "N-not now, Jest...")

Lucas Quintavious: Haha heh. No. Oh no. 

Tawny: Kinda can't. You know, being a virgin and all...

Todd: *shakes head*

Cyrus: ...I almost had a little girl, and I cre- adopted Lucas.

Karab: Never. They're worse than the full grown ones.

G- Killed anyone?

Luca: Yes. Out of necessity or as part of my job...

Tasha: N-never!

Jestloo: Indeed, I have. Sometimes, it is the only option. Sad as it is...

Lucas Quintavious: A person? Are Daggertail people? I think I shot one of them...

Tawny: If Daggertail are people, then yeah, I guess. With my Ryper.

Todd: Oh, no! N-never!

Cyrus: I have, personally. I've also created vast amounts of weapony for others to do so as well.

Karab: Killing Fleshies has become a hobby of mine. I hate their guts, so I remove them and throw them away.

:new: Would you ever kill someone? 

Luca: "...Yes. Not that I would just go out and kill people, but I am willing to if I think it's necessary. There is actually a difference between killing and murder, and I think people have confused the two. Murder is always evil. It has wicked intent. Killing can be done outside of murder. 

Tasha: "...I don't know..."

Jestloo: "I would like to say 'never,' however, I know I may have to again..."

Lucas Quintavious: *sigh* "Would I? ...I can't say for certain. Obviously, I'd never want to. But...who know? There may be a time when I get stuck into a position where that would be the only option. 

Tawny: "...would I? You know, I've never actually thought about that..."

Todd: "...I-I don't know if I'd have the stomach...or...or if I'd be strong enough, if I...if I had too..."

Cyrus: "Yes."

Karab: "Haven't we established this already? Flesh is weak and easy to destroy. Who would want it? (Luca: And yet, he's jealous of me.) I could remove your guts right now...

H- Hate anyone?

Luca: Karab... Also, murdurers and rapists. and anyone who threatens my family.

Tasha: The man who...used me.

Jestloo: No one. 

Lucas Quintavious: Yeah. There are some guys who are jerks to me. Call me "unabutt," or "half a man" thanks to my deformed feathers...

Tawny: I've hated people, but I don't remember who anymore. 

Todd: ...Jacob. I don't like how he looks at my sister...

Cyrus: I don't have time to spend hating someone.

Karab: Luca, and every other living thing. Gods! I hate them.

J: Love anyone?

Luca: Are we talking about romantically, or more of a general love? I love my wife, my kids, Jestloo, Lucas, and others.

Tasha: My family, Jestloo included.

Jestloo: I can not love... :'(

Lucas Quintavious: *blushes* Well, uh, you can say that I, um... I like Tawny...

Tawny: I love Nipper, my Ryper! Oh, yeah, and family, I guess.

Todd: ...Mom, Dad, and my sister.

Cyrus: ...

Karab: I loath all... (Luca: "He loves that an option?")

K- What is your job?

Luca: I am the Motaukeh. I was created by the gods to uphold their laws and punish the wicked. I also mediate between the gods, when they disagree and fight with each other.

Tasha: Since moving to Kotia, I haven't had a normal job. Instead, I've tried out different hobbies and have sold what I've created. I also organize the other ladies  together, and we do things like cooking and making crafts. I've enjoyed the change.

Jestloo: I work at a sea port on the other side of the world. The sun actually goes around the planet! So, while it is day light on one side, it is night on the other! While it is night here, I go over there to work. Then, I return in the morning.

Lucas Quintavious: I'm a black smith. I spend my time in front of a hot furnace, working metal. To be honest, I never would have imagined that I would go from an engineer in computer and advanced technology to becoming a black smith. It's all good, though. There's something great about creating something with your own hands. Oh, and I also like to create inventions and sell those too.

Tawny: I don't have a real job, but I guess I'm a hunter. I go out, kill things, and bring them in. Sometimes, if I have extra, I'll sell them.

Todd: Um... I'm thinking about opening a restaurant... a-a lot of people seem to like my cooking... 

Cyrus: I design and build weapons. However, I'd prefer to see my true job as a researcher. (Luca: "Yeah. On my body!")

Karab: I had a job once, but I quit it. My only goal now is to prove that I am a god and crush all beneath me.

L- Favorite season?

Luca: Anything but winter. Spring has great weather, summer offers fun in the lake, and fall is beautiful and smells fantastic! Winter is...cold, wet, gloomy, and miserable to travers as I'm chasing criminals... (Tasha: "If you were willing to wear pants, it wouldn't be so bad!")

Tasha: Winter! I love the white landscape, ice skating, snowball fights, sleding, skiing, and cuddling with my husband to keep warm~:heart:

Jestloo: Spring! It is the time when the world comes back to life.

Lucas Quintavious: Um... I like the fall. The cooler weather helps, when I'm in front of a furnace all the time. And the fall festivals are great fun!

Tawny: Fall! I love the red and yellow leaves, cooler weather, and the festivals! Oh! Those are so much fun! Lots of food, games, and really cool stuff from traveling merchants.

Todd: Fall. A lot of necessary ingredients can be harvested then. I also like a lot of the food that is made during this season. ...and I participate in the festival cook offs.

Cyrus: ...winter.

Karab: I don't give a rip...

M- Who's your best friend?

Luca: Other than my wife? Jestloo.

Tasha: Hmm... I'd have to go with Jestloo.

Jestloo: Everyone! 

Lucas Quintavious: Jestloo. Saying Luca would be odd, seeing as he's Tawny's dad.

Tawny: Lucas. We've been friends since we were kids. 

Todd: ...Jestloo.

Cyrus: I do not require friends. That would be time away from my work. (Luca: "To bad you can't marry your job...")

Karab: Friendship is for weak flesh.

:new: What personality trait is most attractive to you?

Luca: I can only choose one? Hm... for seeing me as the person I am, and not just seeing what I can do. To just be treated as 'normal.' As a person with feelings and desires, that wants to love and be loved, not some walking weapon or android. For someone to see me as if I had no powers. To care about me, because it's me they care about. To be able to love someone's soul and not worry about the non-essentials. That is what I find most attractive."

Tasha: "Tenderness. Someone who is gentle and sensitive, with their words and actions. Someone who will listen. Who will hold and guide me. Someone who will defend me. And...someone who will love and treasure me, and be patient when I falter."

Jestloo: *quietly watches Luca & Tasha* "...I like... what they have."

Lucas Quintavious: "Stength and confidence. To be able to hold their ground for what they believe is right, no matter how heavy the opposition. And to have the resolve to take action. ...because I can't... ^^;

Tawny: "...umm. I'm not sure. I don't know what I like yet, I'm still finding it."

Todd: "...s-someone gentle, but maybe stronger than me? *shrugs* I know what I look up to, but that's not the same..."

Cyrus: "I don't spend time enough outside the lab to care." (He used to find a happy, driven, and intelligent woman very attractive.)

Karab: "A 'dead' one."

:new: If you could be an animal, what would you choose?

Luca: "...I never like this question..."

Tasha: "Oh? Well, a cat, I suppose. Then I can stay clean and well groomed."

Jestloo: "Oh... Must it be an animal? I would have much preferred a people group..."

Lucas Quintavious: "Um... Well, why not whatever Sikkic is. He's a cool dragon."

Tawny: "A Ryper! Then, I could play with Nipper in the sky!"

Todd: *shrugs shoulders*

Cyrus: "I couldn't do my research if I was an animal."

Karab: "What kind of question is this!?

N- Hobbies?

Luca: Oh boy... Where to start? Well, when I have the time, I like to sing, go spelunking, fly around on Sikkic, play various instruments, try new things, take a nap in the sun outside, spend time with my wife, counsel Lucas on being a man (and encouraging him to court my daughter...), try to discover and keep records of new creatures, keep uppity, teenage boys in their place, *chuckles* try to-

Tasha: I love to dance, cook, ice skate, and check out the bazaar. Creating crafts are fun too.

Jestloo: Does watching fleshies count? I like to try to do as they do.

Lucas Quintavious: Inventing gadgets and carving designs into my metal or leather works. 

Tawny: Out doing the boys in all of their games, flying on Nipper, and practicing with my bow and knife.

Todd: ...I, I have a herb garden... Um, there are flowers too.

Cyrus: ...creating obstacle courses to test Luca's abilities. 

Karab: Ripping the guts out of fleshies, and taking over Kotia with my dark energy.

P- What is your eye color?

Luca: Emerald green. They glow too.

Tasha: Blue.

Jestloo: Cerulean

Lucas Quintavious: Gray

Tawny: Hot pink

Todd: Deep blue

Cyrus: Ice blue

Karab: Gold

Q- Are you good or bad?

Luca: If I wasn't good, I wouldn't be doing my job.

Tasha: I believe I'm good.

Jestloo: I try my best to be good.

Lucas Quintavious: Like, a good guy? Yeah, I think so.

Tawny: Is it good to be bad sometimes? 

Todd: I'm good.

Cyrus: ...

Karab: Bad is such a mild term...

R- If you could get anything right now what would it be?

Luca: World peace. No, seriously! I'm not kidding. Do you realize how awesome that would be for me? I wouldn't have to stop in the middle of something to take care of an idiot. I would stop seeing murder, and rape, and assault victims. I wouldn't have to put people to death anymore. My job and life ride on this!!

Tasha: Anything right now... Hmm. I suppose... a way to record memories here. Kotia has very limited technology, and my husband and I are expected to live, just about, forever. That means I will outlive my children... And I won't even have a photo to look back on them...

Jestloo: Flesh.

Lucas Quintavious: Fully functioning, normal looking, tail feathers. I don't mind the stubby ears...

Tawny: A soda. I haven't had one of those since coming over here. Oh! And Internet would be nice too! Scratch the soda! I miss the Internet...

Todd: ...It's a secret...

Cyrus: A permanent cure to my disease.

Karab: Luca's body ripped to pieces, and that he would stay dead.

S- What is your greatest fear?

Luca: Losing my family. ...Oh. I also dread Mumblers and Narcoses. Especially in dark, dank caves... *shivers*

Tasha: Being abused by men...again...

Jestloo: What does it mean to be afraid? What does that feel like?

Lucas Quintavious: That someone will beat me to her...

Tawny: Losing my freedom.

Todd: Public speaking...

Cyrus: Losing my mind, or getting Alzheimer's disease. Either, really.

Karab: Being trapped by the Mirror Rod again.

:new: Do you have any physical advantages over the average human?

Luca: "Human's getting the short stick again... *sigh* Yeah... I don't like answering these kind of questions, cause they make me come off as some arrogant god, or some destructive monster... But, let's just say that I could kill one before either of us could move...

Tasha: "Umm, I believe Kotians, as a race, have overall better senses, smell, sight, and hearing in particular. Our fingers are indestructible and parts of our skin, such as our hands and feet, are impervious to lacerations. 

Jestloo: "Humans?" (Luca: "just think of the average fleshy...with no claws, and bald on most of their body...") "Okay... Well, I can not be touched if I do not want to. It is possible for me to move through solid objects, as well as 'melt' into shadows. I am also a very fast sprinter, and I do not require things like air, water, food, or sleep to survive. ...but I don't get to enjoy those things either...

Lucas Quintavious: "In bare handed combat, Kotians have the advantage, due to their metal, claw-like fingers and toes."

Tawny: "We're all gonna be saying the same thing..."

Todd: "I'm a Kotian too..."

Cyrus: "I've studied many martial arts."

Karab: "Being me is an advantage. ...The heck is a human?"

:new: What is your favorite color?

Luca: "Ah, geez... Honestly, I love all colors, ever since I was first created. Every color has a place where it looks best."

Tasha: "I like, silver."

Jestloo: "All colors! Except muted, dull ones."

Lucas Quintavious: "I've come to really like the orangey glow that come from the fire or hot metal. I do kinda miss that dark grey with electric blue color palette, though."

Tawny: "Black and gold, or black and silver."

Todd: "I like light colors, like Eastery blue, yellow, and"

Karab: "Red."

V- Any siblings?

Luca: Unless you count Karab as being some kind of brother (heaven forbid), then no...

Tasha: To be honest, I don't know...

Jestloo: No, but I do have a cousin!

Lucas Quintavious: Nope! 

Tawny: Yeah. An older brother.

Todd: My sister.


Karab: Gods do not have siblings.

:new: Where are you from?

Luca: "Originally? The realm of the gods, at the bottom of Ixx & Zango's Lake. That's where I was created. I live on Kotia." *chuckles* "You should have seen the people I first told that too. Everyone thought I was crazy, and I was too naive to know that wasn't normal."

Tasha: "My parents came over to the other dimension with some of the others. So, I wasn't born on Kotia. (I have yet to name the other planets...) But I came back with my husband."

Jestloo: "The Twilight Realm. It is a mirror image of the world that the fleshies live in. However, there are no living things, people, animals, or plants there. It is a dismal place, with very little light, hardly any color, and moves quite slowly, as if there was no time."

Lucas Quintavious: "A lab. My father's lab. I started out as a science experiment, until my dad decided to adopt me instead. In the end, around when Mr. Lenovie got his memories back, my father died from some mysterious illness that he had been battling since before I was 'born.' Then I decided to join the Lenovies and go to Kotia with them."

Tawny: "The world before we came to Kotia."

Todd: "Like my sister said..."

Cyrus: "I prefer to keep my life a secret."

Karab: "No where. I always have been." (Luca: "grr. He was created by the gods before me. When he rebelled, I was made to replace him.")

X- Do you find yourself attractive?

Luca: ...As in, when I look at myself, or do I think I'm decently attractive? I guess I am, since I've had to ward off ladies a few times...

Tasha: I suppose... (Luca: "That's right, she is! She's won contests for her beauty.") Sh- hush up! You!!

Jestloo: ...I am terribly sorry, but you seem to have lost me...

Lucas Quintavious: ...I don't think a disfigured  person like me can call himself "attractive..."

Tawny: Sure, why not? I guess I am.

Todd: *shrugs shoulders*

Cyrus: I don't have time to worry about my outward appearance.

Karab: Was there any doubt in your mind? I am the epitome of creation! (*Luca face palms*)

Y- What's the stupidest thing you've ever pulled of?

Luca: Stupid, as in funny pranks, stupid, or stupid as in bad, mess your life up stupid? 'Cause I've done both... But, the stupidest thing I ever attempted, was to change my energy type. You see, my body handles and creates a pure form of life energy of the same substance as the gods. Karab, is made of a black, adulterated energy simply known as "dark energy." I couldn't handle him in his territory due to all the dark crystals converting Kotia's energy to dark energy, which made it impossible for me to use to recharge or strengthen myself. Like wise, he couldn't survive too far away from his dark crystals, so neither of us could totally destroy the other. I decided to try to fight fire with fire, thinking that I could simply absorb his energy and expel him for good. The stupid part was me thinking that I could handle the dark energy. When I did convert, I went mad and went on a rampage, killing all in my way. The gods were going to destroy me, but Ixx spared me and instead, I was sent to another dimension to fulfill a quest. Only, I was brainwashed before going, turned into an infant, and never told exactly what I was ment to do. Starting out strong, right? I guess the only real good that came out of it was that I found my wife, Tasha, and made a family...

Tasha: The stupidest thing I ever did would be if I told you the stupidest thing.

Jestloo: ...Oh dear... (Luca: "You don't have to reply, Jest.")

Lucas Quintavious: Oh! I remember this one time! I accidentally mistook a- (Everyone: "Is this another, ultra nerdy, tech based, story?")  ... *sigh* ...yeah, never mind...

Tawny: I wouldn't call what I pull off "stupid."

Todd: ...If I told you, it would make me feel more stupid...

Cyrus: Giving Lucas his name. I should have come up with something better...

Karab:  Obeying the gods and bending over backwards to serve these ungrateful meat bags for so long...

Z- What’s your thought about “people”?

Luca: Unfortunately, due to my job, I hate and love them... I get to see the scum of the planet far too often... But I do love enjoying life and helping the others as well.

Tasha: Kind of a strange question, isn't it? I'm not sure how to answer that.

Jestloo: People are wonderful! I do so enjoy them! Courious creatures, they are, and quite imaginative! I could spend all day watching them.

Lucas Quintavious: As long as they are reasonable, I have no problem with people.

Tawny: Eh. My Ryper is better company than most of them...

Todd: ...I dunno...

Cyrus: I suppose that's as vague as you can get... I prefer to be left alone.

Karab: ...Walking bags of self absorbed, whiny, stupid flesh that should be brought to an end.

Tags: :iconsuper-sonic-101:, :icondragontygress:, :iconsteve-c2:, and anyone else who would like to join.

Been working on and off, slowly on this sucker for months. Did my favorite characters and then added some harder ones that I'm not totally comfortable writting dialouge with yet. It was very fun. Hope you guys learned something about my characters. (I didn't think Karab was gonna be that funny. XD)

Also, this made me realize how over due some of these characters are in getting a new sketch. Many are super old, one was never finished (Todd), and I have yet to officially post Cyrus. :blushes:

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Buttons of Interest

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2 deviants said Yes. It'll make differentiating between "Luca" and "Lucas" easier when reading about them.
1 deviant said No. (Comment)
1 deviant said Jestloo's vote. (I still have to bring it up to my brother and see if he likes the idea.


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Heh, I'm conversing with another deviant about this .  The problem with higher education is that it's required, but not affordable.  People pay for it because the institutions make promises about what you "can" accomplish with a degree - either explicitly or implicitly.  Of course they can't say what a person "will" accomplish, because they can't guarantee results and they know it.  But people are buying into the "can" thing, hook line and sinker.  It's gotten to a point that I actually get really angry when I hear someone say "Oh you can do this" or "You have potential!"  Oh really?  Oh don't even go there with me.  But it sells!  The schools don't care one whit about the students; they're getting paid no matter what happens.

That all said; I actually don't have a problem with the "public" education versus "private" education per se; it is my firm belief that education is of such importance that it should be provided at no cost for the primary and secondary levels, then at the post secondary level it should be provided at a minimal cost to the student.  Funny thing to hear, coming from me, I know.  However, the issue with public education isn't that it's public; it's that the people in charge do what they want to get money, as opposed to doing what's right for the child.  Kids don't need laptops in schools, and I can make a pretty good case that having them is downright detrimental.  However, schools that provide their kids with laptops get money, so the program is implemented.

In an ideal world, schools would use limited resources wisely, instead of wasting funds on useless junk that has no proven positive impact; and teachers would actually teach.  The difference between public and private schools wouldn't be "private schools get no money from public funds;" it would be "private schools can charge a nominal fee because they provide an education which aims for a higher bar than that which is offered by the public schools." Meaning: I would expect that gradewise, public school students would average at least B+; and that the private school students would average at least an A.  (85% vs 95%).
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Holy crap! Too true, though! That's why my Dad was encouraging us to go into trade school, because so many students are graduating with high loans and no jobs. Maybe colleges could save money (and bring down the prices with that saving) by cutting some of those extra classes. You know, like the stuff I do not want or need for the type of career I'm going for. That's one reason why I went to Gemini instead of some other big, fancy school like the Art Institute. I'm learning purely what I want and need. No math, Spanish, or other crap is necessary. (And while it is a tad pricey, they give me all the supplies I need, which, factoring all that in, would actually make my school rather cheap, since I literally bought nothing for school.)

Thanks. That was an awesome letter. Our educational system is broken. We need all the schools (college and public) to go belly up so that it can get run by the private sector. That would make it so much more efficient and productive. (One reason would be that bad teachers could get fired and amazing, hard working teachers would replace them.) Go capitalism! XD
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